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When you want quality large-format printed materials for your business, you will need a machine that you can depend on. One of the best choices that you can find on the market today is the HP Designjet T2530. Basically, this is a mobile printer that lets you print digital files at larger sizes without compromising on colour and quality. While it is smaller in size, its functionality is fairly equal to, or even better than, other conventional printers used today. So, what do you get from using this printer in particular?

  • Unmatched Look and Quality

This device prints with detail and precision using six original HP inks, resulting in materials with unmatched look and quality. With Adobe PostScript, it also allows you to create architectural prints with high-resolution graphics. Moreover, it lets you produce professional computer-aided design (CAD) and geographical information systems (GIS) drawings with sharp lines and crisp, accurate colours of up to 2400 dots per inch (dpi).

  • Efficiency

The Designjet T2530 has a convenient single control panel that lets you scan, copy, and print with ease and efficiency. With its integrated 50-page output stacking tray, you can produce collated prints for whatever task you have. Also, it has flexible rolls that allow for easy loading and automatic alignment.


From network integration to upgrades, this mobile printer is highly manageable. You can configure it to track print jobs, monitor media rolls, initiate front panel access, and perform other tasks automatically. Basically, it enables unattended printing in a way you would want it to.

  • Convenience of Remote Printing

Even if you are away from the office, you can still use the HP Designjet T2530 through your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. With the HP Smart app (previously known as HP All-in-One Printer Remote), you can connect your device to the printer via LAN, wireless network, or Wi-Fi Direct and then share, scan, and print any material that you want to produce. You can even use the printer with your email or any preferred cloud repository, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. In a sense, this printer offers the same level of convenience as small-format printers. Check out

  • Custom Solutions

HP has tied up with some third parties to be able to provide a wider choice of solutions for their users. As for the T2530, it can be used with third-party resources so that it integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows to deliver the best results. Read more at Gom

  • Minimised Errors

With mobile printing, you will be able to eliminate almost all errors that would otherwise occur when you choose to execute documentation or transfer data manually. It helps your business run more smoothly.

HP Designjet T2530All in all, the HP Designjet T2530 is a mobile printer that you can depend on when it comes to producing quality printed materials with utmost convenience. With an array of functionalities, it will let you print anything—posters, technical drawings, maps, etc.—with precision and accuracy. This device is definitely a wise investment that you can make for your business. To know more about the Designjet T2530, you can visit

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